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9th-Mar-2012 03:01 pm - taking requests: fic banners
doctor who?

Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone is still keeping up with this journal, but I thought I would write in and let you know that I'm still alive and well and things. If you follow me at radio_silent you'll know I've been writing some Sherlock fanfic and ranting about tumblr (where I have been pretty active lately).

Anyway, I just made a tumblr post offering to make people fic banners, if anyone is interested. I thought I would extend the courtesy here as well.

I'd prefer if the fics were written for a fandom I follow (Sherlock or Doctor Who, especially!) but if you're willing to help me find source images I'm pretty flexible.

here are some samplesCollapse )

P.S. In case anyone is wondering about icons, I am still making them! Just super, super slowly. I'm waiting until I have enough to make a decent-sized post.

29th-Jan-2011 03:25 pm - Bad News!
wizard of oz- dorothy
So I tried making icons on my laptop last night (the one that I'm taking with me on my study abroad) and I checked them on the monitor to my main computer, and they look horrible. At the very least I need more time to figure out my laptop resolution/color setup.

I mad a bunch of icons on my old computer, so I might post those sometime soon. So the icon-making won't dry out immediately, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up.
24th-Jan-2011 06:24 pm - 2 More Days To Suggest Fanmix Art!
wonderfalls- mean girls
Want art for any current, pre-existing or future fanmixes?
Just ask
19th-Jan-2011 12:42 pm - Taking Requests: Fanmix Covers
wizard of oz- dorothy


Hi guys!

So I just discovered fanmixes--I don't know why it took me forever and a day--and I wanted to do something to pay the fandom/fanmix community back.

So! If you've ever wanted to make a fanmix but wished you had better graphic skills, now's the time to make one anyway! For the next 7 days I'll make mix covers for any fandom, so long as you send me your:

1. title
2. fandom/ship
3. song lyrics (if you have them already!)
4. any other suggestions/themes for the mix

If this is frowned upon for some reason, someone let me know--I'm still not 100% on the fanmix etiquette. But I'd love to help people make more of these lovely things!

p.s. sorry about the lack of banner above--still adjusting to the new layout!
ETA: new banner! what do you think?

2nd-Jan-2011 05:26 am - You do have a plan, don't you?
btvs- bffs
Back again, this time with ICONS! For just about every tv show in the universe, and a few movies to boot. AND some wallpapers. And I don't even have the excuse of request icons this time; I just felt random. : )

So my new monitor has different settings for contrast, and things that looked awesome on my old monitor don't look as awesome anymore--which is to say, these icons may look super high-contrast to you. If things look majorly off, comment and let me know!

FANDOMS: tons; please look at the tags!

It's a thing; it's like a plan, but with more greatness.Collapse )
don't forget:
*if you like an icon, or take an icon, tell me! ; )
*friends/commenting = love.
*crediting = required.
*fandom suggestions are always welcome!
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